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Jane D'oh, now that d'son's back in civ life, and he makes mistakes, said mistakes are, how can I put this, likely to be less permanently damaging than his previous situation. So, there's that.

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Subjects: service, US military

Jane D'oh, you're wonderful to be able to talk about things here.

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Subjects: AoSHQ, family, parent, sacrifice, service, US military

Honestly, it felt less about the current shutdown battle and more about the reverence for the fighting men who gave their lives and their service for the country in World War II. -Jeff B.

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Subjects: heroes, service, WW2
Transcendental Question
The inevitable infinite inquiry.
Cartoon added on 2013 Apr 6
Subjects: Guru Radd Dadd, bumper sticker wisdom, service, self
The Human (6)

Ultimately, each human faces a choice.

Cartoon added on 2013 Mar 11
Subjects: living faith, free will, eternity, service

"...people who stepped out to shake hands and thank individual Veterans... felt like they were representing me too." Truly, Chrissy, truly! Well said.

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Subjects: US military, service, thankfulness, honor
UB comix

What to do instead of panic?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 4
Subjects: remember, reminder, love, prayer, panic, emergency, service, stick figure
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UB comix

Follow the yellow brick road?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 4
Subjects: truth, yoga, service, seeking, Urantia
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Oh yeah
UB comix #10

What can you bank on?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 3
Subjects: angels, service, sacrifice, prayer, Urantia Papers
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UB comix #6

Some men's lives…

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 29
Subjects: success, achievement, service, faith, joy, goals
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Hwy sign: Here & Now
Best of Spirits

To be or to become... What was the question?

Verse, Audio, MP3 added on 2001 Oct 26
Subjects: Spirit, growth, meditation, service, balance, satisfaction
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infinite loop
Best of Spirits

A meditation on being and meaning, and an early exercise in songsmithy.

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: being, meaning, service, love, faith, Spirit
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Spirit o'Santa
Best of Spirits

For those who may have come to doubt the old elf

Text, Illustration added on 1996 Dec 24
Subjects: Christmas, Santa Claus, Spirit, faith, service
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