A meditation on being and meaning, and an early exercise in songsmithy.

      C               C             Em
To be here         To be here is to be
       Dm             Dm                Bb     C
To be alive        To be alive is to be of the One

   Bb                 Bb            Dm
To know            To know is to be thankful
   Cm                 Cm                Ab       Bb
To think           To think is to be of service

   Ab                 Ab               Cm
To feel            To feel is to comprehend
   Bbm                Bbm             Gb     Ab
To hope            To hope is to understand

   Gb                 Gb             Bbm
To love            To love is to transcend
      Abm                Abm              E     Gb
To be known        To be known is to transact

      E                  E              Abm
To be loved        To be loved is to create
      Gbm                Gbm                 D     E
To be thought of   To be thought of is to be felt

D                  D    Gbm

Em                 Em   C   D

Mindful Webworks | Best of Spirits | Infinitive, page 2
F                  F    Am

Gm                 Gm   Eb   F
      Eb                 Eb            Gm
To be felt         Being felt is being thought of
      Fm           Db           Eb
To create             Creating, love

        Db         Db              Fm
To transact           Transacting, know
       Ebm         Ebm                 B     Db
To transcend          Transcending, be love

   B               B                 Ebm
To understand         Understanding, hope
   Dbm             Dbm               A       B
To comprehend         Comprehending, feel

         A         A                    Dbm
To be of service      Being of service, think
      Bm           Bm   G   A
To be thankful
      G            G    Bm
To be of the One
   Am              F    G   A 
To be
Those last three are the starting chords to It's Your Decision

Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #15, 2016 Dec 9.