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This is totally hilarious. Sad. But hilarious. As I've often said, it isn't (just) the pot. You have to be a special kind of stupid in the first place.

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Subjects: drugs, paranoia

» Has the Stupid stopped yet?

I've only just begun!




Wait... maybe you didn't mean me?

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Subjects: paranoia

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77 Ick. Smells like cat piss in here. : mugiwara

85 yep : phoenixgirl

(88 by: mindful webworker)

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...since stoners are known to get paranoid real easy.
Posted by: wheatie

Why are you talking about me that way?

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Subjects: paranoia

"This is why I think dashcams would be a good idea if you are a person of color driving. Driving While Colored is a real issue, even PG County."

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Subjects: paranoia

home at last. before the rain. No desktop, confined to cell, but, home.

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" Most of the commenters here have something intelligent, funny, or bizarre to say, but a few of them really clog up the thread with pure stupidity...."

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YouTube watches you
Radical Incline

In New World Order, YouTube Watches You

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Subjects: conspiracy, Sandy Hook, YouTube, paranoia
Comments open
Turn here!
Head Shop

…if someone is stoned or not.

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Subjects: marijuana, smoking, stoned, paranoia, silliness