When Conspiracy Comes Knocking On Your Door

In New World Order, YouTube Watches You

This is interesting.

I was looking at YouTube's recommended channels, following links to the likes of CinemaSins and ScreenJunkies. Down a ways, I saw ThinkOutsideTheTV, and clicked it blindly.

Turned out, it was a Sandy Hook conspiracy site started 2013 Jan 7 (Country: Canada).

There were six videos up, including "Sandy Hook Fully Exposed,"
Pt1 tnpart 1 uploaded 3 weeks ago, about 30min long, 11,785,543 views, and

Pt2 tnpart 2 uploaded 1 week ago, less than 20min, 202,275 views.

As an appetizer, I first watched the 2-min Shooter tnSandy Hook Shooter Dead Before Shooting??? Some website had the shooter's death date as a day early. Potential clerical error. Lame.

Other than a couple of things picked up along the way from semi-conspiratorializing Alex AlexJones Jones, like Why People Think Sandy Hook is A Hoax, and this strangeness, "Sandy Hook" Name Seen on 'Dark Knight' Map, I really had no idea what the Sandy Hook "Hoax" might be about, other than as anti-Constitutional exploitation.

So, I started watching Sandy Hook Exposed Part 1. Although many points left my skeptical side working overtime with Reasonable Explanations, there was some intriguing stuff that left me wanting more fals- or ver-ification. (As is often the case in all kinds of reports, I'd rather have had less editorializing "see? see?" and more straightforward presentation.)

About half-way through my viewing of Part 1, when the accumulation of oddities actually began to be intriguing, the screen suddenly goes into YouTube greyscreen, that static-y screen with the message "This video is not available." The video had been showing bits from other folks' videos, so at first I thought the grayscreen was part of the video about some other video being taken down, but, no, the video I was watching had disappeared right while I was watching it.

That video is unavailable.

Now that's the kind of thing that will get your conspiratorial gears turning. Cue sinister music.

Sure, I can make up a lot of reasons why YouTube, or a poster, might have yanked the video coincidentally just as I was watching a video… about conspiratorial manipulation of the public. (After nearly 12 million views, I can't imagine the poster yanking it in this case.)

I checked again, and both part 1 and now part 2 fail to display. The other videos from the channel are still displaying. Whoops, no, that other one's gone, too... this one's still here... for now...
I was able to watch the rest of Part 1 and all of Part 2, though. (There's sometimes workarounds on the Infratoobz.) There's some weird stuff right there.

Conspiracy theories are usually longer on theory than substance. There are some undeniable oddities about JFK's and RFK's assassinations, among others, there are some questions I formulated watching TV that April day in Oklahoma City, that I and apparently a lot of other people still want answered. There are in fact consciousless conspirators out there who would think nothing of perpetrating assassination, mass murder, and war, a TWA800, a Pearl Harbor, or a 9/11. for profit or power. One tries to keep the balance between that understanding and the many allegations of their achievements. I don't have any problem believing that the 9/11 attacks went much as reported, no bombs, no rockets, no missle into the Pentagon, no hidden families of the Pennsylvania crash victims, Bush himself was not running the planes using a Wii. But there are some strange things. Ever hear how quickly they found Muhammed Atta's passport, just lying around, and connected all the dots? Weird. (Oh, sorry, it was somebody else's. Atta's was an erroneous report. So they say. But "Muhammed Atta's Passport" would still make the better name for a punk rock band.)

Look at that two-part Sandy Hook video, though, and clarify for me what is real. Oh, wait, you can't. They're "not available."


Oddly enough, the next YouTube site I attempted to access showed only the first frame (which the OutsideTheTV vids did not), and then also said those videos were inaccessible. So, I had to do workarounds to see what BikinisTokyo was. (The one I watched was Cute, but, Yawn.)

So, what the…? Other less random videos show up fine. Is it just me, or is my Faraday cage hat too tight?

Then I rebooted my computer, and everything showed up fine in my browser again. I think my old XT system has codec problems. If I use the video editing program or the video viewing program, sometimes the YouTube player in the browser gets weird using my favorite but fifth-most-popular browser.

We can stop the sinister music now.

Or… can we?