Looooosely based

»» Jesus replies, " a glass of water is all I need. I'll do the rest thanks "

Can turn it into the best wine... and still stand on it en pointe. (Daughter's upcoming ballet influence there.)


The earlier quotes at 139 & 174 were from the Urantia Papers, I should mention, linked in the nic on those comments. My brother first pressed The Urantia Book upon me and my best friend over forty years ago. At the time, we were the only people we knew who had ever heard of it. I enjoy it, but I'm the kind of oddball who wakes his wife up at night laughing out loud reading Moby Dick.

My nic on this comment links to a comic I did a year ago, looooosely based on the Urantia Papers' descriptions of Easter week. Note that I let it simmer a year before mentioning it among this nest of opinions. The comic might be like those later Harry Potter movies, a/k/a "scenes similar to some in the books," where if you're not familiar with the source, you won't get some of it, but I try for generally enjoyable regardless. It's the basic Easter week story as alt universe SF where they had tv and cell phones in 30AD.

And now, for true, adieu.