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Why the Hell Not Dept.
Recomment, from Ace's scratched drive post yesterday:


1. a small incision (I scratched my hand pulling out the hard drive)

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Subjects: IRS, Lois Lerner, technology

Scratched hard drive. Hahahahaha! :rage: really needs a :rage: icon.

And a flaming skull icon!!

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Subjects: IRS, Lois Lerner

Last night as I tried to read while dozing off, I thought I read that Lois Lerner wanted to move to England!

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Subjects: Lois Lerner, Superman

"This will be another waste of time, I’m afraid.Just thought somebody might be interested." -PP

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Subjects: Lois Lerner, IRS
Gallery of Smug
Radical Incline

Portraits of Priggishness — they're only following dear leader.

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Dog Eats Emails
Radical Incline

What Actually Happened to the IRS Emails

Cartoon added on 2014 Jun 19
Subjects: Lois Lerner, IRS
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What Diff?
Radical Incline

Accessorize with bad outfits and shrill snarls. Five real-life masks guaranteed to scare your socks off.