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"Pachydermatologist" - this is the kind of thing that I will wake up chuckling about weeks from now.

The elephant just needs some wrinkle remover - better get the Jumbo size.

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Subjects: puns, elephants

Amazing animal tales, Comrade Arthur.

This one isn't quite as amazing, but it's elephants

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Subjects: elephants, Louisiana

The link to Is Fatherhood Being Killed so the State Can Play God - I've got to try to remember to come back to these articles when I'm on the real computer, not trying to follow the thread...

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Subjects: elephants, father, God, tyranny

"Dumbo was mostly meh." —Vic

Pink Elephants on Parade forever changed my outlook on life.

Acid turned out to be a disappointment by comparison.

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Subjects: Disney, elephants, LSD

Seeing that MPPPPP has let us all down again, I searched out Mark Evanier's great story, for a different kind of Hollyweird insider tail.

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Subjects: elephants, Hollywooden, Mark Evanier