WHITE HOUSE INSIDER – “Governor Romney Is Gonna Win This Thing"


Ulsterman: So there are no clean elections?

White House Insider: Not in my experience son. Not even close. I will say this though…Romney…the Romney campaign. They are about as clean as I’ve seen. And I ain’t sayin’ that just because…you know. It’s the truth. Which is a good thing in a way…but in another way…it worries me. Got an ulcer the size of my fist, swear to God…I’d feel better if they played a little more dirty on that end of things. Just for some peace of mind. It’s usually not the candidate who is the campaign crook. It’s…it’s the rest of us. We do the down n dirty, right? But Romney…he’s made it clear the campaign isn’t to go there.

UM: What happens right after the election? If Obama loses?

WHI: Riots.

UM: And if Obama wins?

WHI: Riots.