Movie memories in a Tassie hotel

Frank Hafemann never did care for Humphrey Bogart. "We didn't strike a chord," said Mr Hafemann of the famed 1940s Hollywood actor yesterday as he nursed a beer in Launceston's Lloyd's Hotel yesterday. "I got to know Bogart when I worked on Key Largo with him, not my type, so aloof, but John Wayne, now there was a guy, he'd have a drink with you anytime," recalled the retired Hollywood special effects man, who is in Launceston on what he termed "an indefinite holiday." "So how did I come to get here?" the spry 86-year-old white-bearded Mr Hafemann asked himself softly. "I was looking for a holiday in Australia, but I couldn't believe the noise in Sydney, I hated it, so I asked where would I find a place which was a bit quieter and I was told Tasmania was the answer," Mr Hafemann said. His Hollywood career as a special effects man and builder stretched from 1945 to 1981.