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Haggard Hillary
@okthunderkgirl, Twitter • Wed 2017 Dec 13, 1:38pm

…They want us to believe this surgeon not only committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest-but was also too incompetent to know where his heart was thus causing a slow agonizing death. Another Clinton body count number…

Breitbart / AFP • Thu 2017 Oct 26, 12:20pm

Fats Domino, whose rollicking rhythm and blues piano helped give birth to rock ‘n’ roll, has died in his lifelong home of New Orleans, the coroner said Wednesday. He was 89. …Tuesday morning of natural causes… “He was true to his new Orleans roots and he was a real legend…”

TMZ • Wed 2016 Jul 27, 10:23am

There won't be any more calls to Miss Cleo ... the iconic TV psychic is dead after battling cancer… real name was Youree Harris… died Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, FL.…

Fox News / AP • Thu 2016 Jul 7, 1:45pm

A young man died after a hole he dug on a Northern California beach collapsed and trapped him in the sand for at least five minutes…

Albert Ching, ComicBookResources • Tue 2016 Jul 5, 11:33am

Noel Neill, the first actress to portray the iconic role of DC Comics character Lois Lane onscreen, passed away Sunday at age 95…

Kelsey Walker, Examiner-Enterprise • Wed 2016 Jun 8, 9:12pm

Oklahoma’s oldest living person — a resident of Bartlesville — died on Monday evening. Mittie Dailey, 109, had called Heritage Villa Nursing Center “home” for nearly a decade.

Mittie Brown Dailey was born Oct. 1, 1906, in the Bobs Community, Indian Territory.…

Mittie Dailey was the matriarch of six living generations including one surviving daughter — plus more than 150 grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren.…

She loved riding horses. In 2010, when she turned 104 years old, her birthday wish was to ride a horse again and, with the help of Bluestem Therapeutic Riding, her wish came true.…

According to Dailey, her faith in God had sustained her all these years. “Stay with the Lord” was her fervent advice.…

MJA, IOTW Report • Fri 2016 May 13, 7:24pm

The world’s [formerly] oldest living person, 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones, died on Thursday in New York City… was born in the southern U.S. state of Alabama in 1899, was the daughter of sharecroppers and granddaughter of slaves.…

Citing Reuters
Star Trek Enterprise
Brandon Davis, • Mon 2016 May 9, 8:16pm

…William Schallert has passed way at the age of 93 … played the beloved TV dad Martin Lane on The Patty Duke Show from 1963 to 1966… His Star Trek appearance is quite a valuable memory for fans of the "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode.…

Most startling news: Wait, he was still alive? RIP, Dad.
Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone • Fri 2016 Mar 11, 5:55pm

Keith Emerson, founding member and keyboardist of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and a prog rock legend, died Friday. He was 71. …police found Emerson with a single gunshot wound to the head, though they could not confirm that Emerson died by suicide.…

Star Bright
Bookworm • Thu 2016 Mar 10, 6:22pm

My mother passed away tonight. I’d sat with her since 6 am and she held on, with morphine easing her distress. I finally left at 10, after giving her a kiss and saying good-bye — and she died ten minutes later. I don’t believe the timing was a coincidence.…

Noted, both in sympathy for Bookworm, and because the "timing" is something that seems frequently to happen.
MJA, IOTW Report • Wed 2016 Feb 3, 10:02pm

The world’s fattest man may have been done in by his love for energy drinks, his doctor said Tuesday. Andres Moreno, who weighed 980 pounds at his heaviest, suffered a fatal heart attack on Christmas Day…

Kory Grow, Rolling Stone • Fri 2015 Oct 9, 7:39am

Gail Zappa, wife of Frank Zappa and executrix of the Zappa Family Trust, has died. She was 70. A cause of death has not been revealed… "departed this earth peacefully at her home ... surrounded by her children…"

Ed Payne & Sonya Hamasaki, CNN • Fri 2015 Oct 9, 7:35am

Actor Kevin Corcoran, who helped move audiences to tears as a child star in "Old Yeller," died at age 66.…

Raf Sanchez & David Chazan, Telegraph • Tue 2015 Aug 11, 10:55pm

A French couple who died hiking in the searing heat of the New Mexico desert may have saved the life of their ten-year-old son by giving him the bulk of their dwindling supply of water… The family reportedly only packed two half-litre bottles of water between the three of them - far less than the four litres per person recommended by authorities.…

Amanda Shea, Mad World News • Thu 2015 May 14, 5:31pm

…It was 18-year-old Anna Ursu’s turn to go first — she sprawled herself on top the train car and worked her perfectly pouty face, snapping selfies in all her best angles. In an attempt to get that extra special selfie, she stuck her leg up in the air which proved to be a fatal move. Ursu failed to realize that there was an electrical force field above the train, and her foot struck it, sending 27,000 volts zapping through her body.

The teen’s frazzled body burst into flames and her 17-teen-year-old friend standing nearby on the roof got caught in the crossfire, as the electrical charge was so powerful that it sent her flying off the trolley.…

Michael Winter, USA Today • Tue 2015 Apr 7, 10:46am

Gertrude Weaver, the world's oldest person for just five days, died Monday in Arkansas. She was 116. …enjoyed manicures, Bible study and "wheelchair dancing" …credited her longevity in great part to kindness. "Treat people right and be nice to other people the way you want them to be nice to you…."

Guardian UK • Thu 2015 Apr 2, 4:18pm

Japanese daughter of a kimono maker, who once declared that life seemed too short, died peacefully as if she had fallen asleep… a few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday. … Asked for the secret of her longevity, Okawa responded nonchalantly: “I wonder about that too.” …

News-Leader / AP • Sun 2015 Mar 29, 6:59pm

FAIRLAND, Okla. …Missouri man was killed when he was run over by a train… found lying between two sets of tracks… apparently fell off and underneath the westbound train.…

Aaron Mueller, Michigan Live • Thu 2015 Feb 19, 3:52pm

"St. Joseph, MI -- A woman who accidentally shot herself in the eye on New Years Day at her Lake Michigan home was adjusting the handgun in her bra holster, police say….

Christine Dempsey, Hartford Courant • Thu 2015 Feb 19, 3:32pm

"…Lauren A. Mohr, 34, stopped to assist two motorists and fell off a concrete wall and then off a bridge, they said. She dropped about 40 feet, state police said, calling Mohr a good Samaritan. She was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she was pronounced dead."

USA Today • Tue 2012 Dec 4, 10:08pm

Besse Cooper died peacefully… in a Georgia nursing home at age 116. …listed as the world's oldest person…

AP/Yahoo • Sun 2012 Nov 25, 7:23pm

A couple died and their 16-year-old son went missing after being swept into sea in Northern California while trying to save their dog…. The dog got out of the water on its own

Al Arabiya • Wed 2012 Oct 31, 6:43pm

high voltage power line fell down and touched the metal door of the house where the wedding was being held…. In line with traditions in the Gulf, wedding celebrations in Saudi Arabia are segregated. Most of the casualties were women, and they died as they attempted to escape through the electrified metal door…. [A freak accident you say?] In July 1999, 76 people died in a similar incident in Eastern Province.

Peter Rugg, Daily Mail • Mon 2012 Oct 29, 6:03pm

A North Texas congregation is reeling after an attacker rammed a car into a church wall, chased the pastor, and beat him to death with an electric guitar.

AP/CBS Atlanta • Sun 2012 Oct 28, 6:18pm

…died at a hospital in Decatur on Saturday, three days after she was hurt. The woman’s son-in-law, Wallace Everett, says Street developed pneumonia after the accident, but a cause of death hasn’t been determined. He says she also suffered from congestive heart failure. … A caregiver told emergency workers she went outside to discover the woman’s wheelchair had rolled down a hill and into the ditch. [Emphasis added. She didn't just get away from somebody. Nobody even noticed it at first. Democrats accuse Paul Ryan.]

CBS Sacramento • Thu 2012 Oct 18, 10:11am

A man who was shot in the face by his older brother during a pig slaughter over the weekend has died.

CBS LA • Mon 2012 Oct 15, 7:11pm

Melena told Fujii he wanted his father to be remembered more for the way he lived — rather than the tragic way he died. “He was just grateful he had a job,” said Antonio, “that he could pay his bills and provide food for his family.”

AP/NY Daily News • Thu 2012 Apr 26, 3:15pm

...starved to death after embarking on a spiritual diet that required her to stop eating or drinking and live off sunlight alone. ... unnamed Swiss woman in her fifties decided to follow the radical fast in 2010 after viewing an Austrian documentary about an Indian guru who claims to have lived this way for 70 years. ...

CBS Chicago • Tue 2012 Apr 24, 11:54am

EVANSTON, Ill. — An Indiana man died overnight, after coming into contact with the electrified third rail as he urinated on the Purple Line ‘L’ tracks in Evanston. [Apparently googly-researched reflections on whether urinating on the third rail actually can kill. Short form: No.]