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Modern Medicine can be Dangerous

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Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist • Thu 2018 Jun 7, 6:43pm

…A study of dental students suggests that dentists can smell when a patient is anxious, and it makes them more likely to make mistakes and perform badly.…

And I thought dentists enjoyed knowing their patients' terror!
RT • Thu 2016 May 5, 9:05am

Research has discovered that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States. With more than 250,000 deaths of this kind annually…

Philip Caulfield, NY Daily News • Fri 2012 Oct 12, 12:21pm

…couple claimed, Dr. Susan Moore told them their baby boy would have to be delivered by Caesarian … delivering doctor … refused to perform a C-section … the boy's head breached, but the rest of his body got stuck in the birth canal … In an attempt to pull the boy loose, [delivering doctor] applied traction to his head and "separated (the boy's) head from his cervical spine" … Blood "shot out" from the newborn's neck in full view of his parents … then "pushed" the boy's head and body back into the birth canal and scrambled to perform a C-section, slicing into Betts before anesthesia kicked in … "surgically and completely removed" the boy's head from his body … then tried to cover up the boy's wounds before handing him over to his parents — though the complaint doesn't say how he did this. • Tue 2011 Aug 23, 5:42pm

Phillip Seaton went to a Kentucky hospital in October 2007 for a routine circumcision. When he woke up, his penis was gone. • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:58pm

A study of babies in intensive care suggests that doctors are getting better at recognizing situations where infants are sure to die or have severe brain damage -- and are often holding back on life support when that's the case. The findings "reflect increasing awareness by the medical community of the need to limit interventions of minimal or very questionable benefit, and particularly if those interventions potentially include significant pain or suffering to the patient," said Dr. Renee Boss, a neonatologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, who wasn't part of the new research. • Mon 2009 Jun 15, 4:57pm

may be an association between use of stimulant medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sudden cardiac death in healthy children... [BUT THEY SAY, KEEP GIVING THEM THE DRUGS!!] • Wed 2009 Apr 29, 3:45pm

A new report from the Institute of Medicine calls for significant reforms to prevent financial conflicts-of-interests in medicine from hindering patient care or the advancement of medical knowledge.... For example, documents revealed in the course of drug marketing litigation recently revealed that a prominent Harvard psychiatrist promised to deliver positive results to major drug maker Johnson & Johnson before the start of some clinical trials.... from 2000 through 2007, the same psychiatrist received $1.6 million from the drug maker, with only a fraction of that reported to Harvard..... • Wed 2009 Apr 8, 9:50pm

A Chinese man can finally sit in comfort after doctors removed a broken syringe needle which had been stuck in his bottom for over a quarter of a century. • Thu 2009 Mar 5, 7:06pm

Certain adhesive patches that deliver medication through the skin have been found to be a risk to patient safety. The patches, if worn while undergoing magnetic resonance imaging scans or MRIs, can cause skin burns, says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today.