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Long Underwear Heroes are Dead

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Black Panther emoji
Jamie Lovett, • Mon 2018 Feb 19, 1:42pm

…Fans in the audience at the 10:15 showing of Black Panther were treated to an unexpected romantic gesture. A man dressed in a Black Panther costume came into the theater before the movie started. He found his girlfriend and proposed to her.

The proposal was accepted.…

He didn't have a ticket, though.
Captain America's shield
Brian Cronin, CBR • Thu 2017 Jan 5, 2:23pm

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby both appeared as models on comic books.


Observer-Dispatch • Fri 2016 Aug 5, 9:40pm

A rare copy of Superman's 1938 comic-book debut sold at auction for almost $1 million.…

Matthew Mueller, • Thu 2016 Mar 10, 10:44pm

The Tick might be on his way back to television if new reports are to be believed. Amazon has ordered a pilot for the new series, with Ben Edlund back in the fold as writer and producer and Barry Josephson as executive producer.

Unfortunately actor Patrick Warburton, who played the big blue lug in the previous live action series is not going to be reprising his role, as he has a new series, Crowded, on NBC. He will be included as an executive producer, and hopefully, they can find someone to fill his big blue shoes.…

Jamie Lovett, • Thu 2016 Feb 11, 11:50pm

On Wednesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ruling that Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel transferred the rights to the character to Warner Bros. in 2001.…

Lan Pitts, • Sat 2015 Aug 1, 4:37pm

Spider-Man was created in 1962, but could his costume have been inspired by a child's Halloween costume from the 50's? … Steve Ditko [when asked] about the costume… “The burden of proof is on the person who makes the assertion, claim, charge. Some clippings, etc., are not rational proof of anything but some clippings, etc.”

TheRalphRetort • Thu 2015 Jun 25, 4:36pm

…“I wouldn’t mind, if Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian or anything else, that he stay that way,” he said. “But we originally made him white. I don’t see any reason to change that.”…

Spider-Man • Sun 2015 May 31, 9:15pm

Stan Lee Is Now The Highest-Grossing Movie Producer Of All Time At Domestic Box Office

Batman Logo
Lan Pitts, • Mon 2015 May 11, 11:15pm

[I wouldn't normally have much to do with the Vlogbrothers, but their silly argument over Batman is sort-of worth slogging through to catch the songified version at the end of this post.] • Wed 2009 Jun 17, 3:53pm

A Brooklyn special education student who won a national essay contest and was made the title character of a Superman comic got his first peek at the book Tuesday. • Wed 2009 Apr 29, 3:14pm

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine," premiering May 1, seems a straightforward concept. The X-Men movies were popular, and Wolverine was the most popular character, so make a movie about him. But there's really nothing straightforward about the history of the feral X-Man -- and the movie won't make it any simpler. Let me X-plain.... • Wed 2009 Apr 29, 3:04pm

A prequel to the "X-Men" trilogy made between 2000 and 2006, "Wolverine" is silly and typical, not in spite of but because it bonds an undeveloped family feud onto the main character's renegade story. • Tue 2009 Apr 28, 12:03pm

one of the common complaints about Heroes is that characters never really die, and just come back to life within a few weeks. • Tue 2009 Apr 28, 11:59am

So, the finale airs and for those who've continued to watch, it's like admonishing a kid who achieves something great for not applying themselves all the time. Not saying that this was the best thing "Heroes" has ever done, but it might be the best ending so far. • Tue 2009 Apr 28, 11:58am

It's tough being the dude who cares about this stuff even if he doesn't want to. It's a calling, really — like pulling a sword from a stone or being handed one of the Lantern Corps rings — and you can't turn it down. You have to watch the season finale of Heroes, even if you've sorta stopped caring.

Green Lantern • Mon 2009 Apr 6, 9:13pm

It's not over quite yet, but we might be inching closer to the finish line. The latest man to contend for the director's chair is Martin Campbell, who's still coming off Casino Royale and just completed Edge of Darkness, also known as Mel Gibson's acting comeback. • Thu 2009 Apr 2, 10:33pm

A full-length version of the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," starring Hugh Jackman, appeared online Wednesday, a month before it is due in theaters. ... "I just am so disappointed with this movie," blog co-founder Chris Lemke wrote. "They seemed to have all the tools to make this work and instead decided to dumb it down and essentially make a cartoon. … After this one, I don't have much hope for the rest of the franchise. If you are set on watching this, good luck." • Thu 2009 Apr 2, 10:33pm

The FBI are investigating the online leak of an almost finished copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a month before the film's cinema release.

Watchmen Smiley • Sat 2009 Mar 7, 1:44pm

Over the past 30 years, author Alan Moore has almost single-handedly reinvented the comic book, transforming its language, broadening its scope and deepening its intellect. So, naturally, Hollywood has been poaching his stories for years, the most egregious being the 2003 loud and dumb adaptation of his otherwise highly literate "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." ... This weekend, however, we get director Zack Snyder's sprawling adaptation of " Watchmen...." Moore has sworn off movie profits inspired by his books; he recently told the Los Angeles Times that he is opposed to movies based on his work. About "Watchmen" he said, "I will be spitting venom all over it for months to come."

Watchmen Smiley • Sat 2009 Mar 7, 1:44pm

"'Watchmen' is an embarrassment of riches to the comics-obsessed philosopher," said Mark D. White, editor of the book "Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test." The book is one of a series that uses pop culture as an entry point to the sometimes abstract subject of philosophy.

Watchmen Smiley • Sun 2009 Mar 1, 4:18pm

The long-awaited 'Watchmen' movie takes loyalty to new limits. And that's exactly what's wrong with it.

Watchmen Smiley • Sun 2009 Mar 1, 4:17pmDirector Zack Snyder needed a superhero's fortitude to finish the controversial comic-book saga. We'll find out if that was enough after Friday.
Watchmen Smiley • Sun 2009 Mar 1, 4:17pm

Who watches the "Watchmen"? Or maybe the question is: How closely will lovers of "Watchmen" be watching? If you don't think the answer is "very," you're living in an alternate universe. The Warner Bros. superhero action-drama arrives Friday with more than 20 years of heavy expectations. For the comic-book set, this is the Holy Grail of graphic novels. And director Zack Snyder and the rest of the team behind the film knew all the pitfalls and perils that such a notorious pop-culture work would bring. • Tue 2009 Feb 24, 5:10pm

Marvel held their fourth quarter/year-end earnings call this morning, where they discussed their financial performance for 2008 and gave a couple of updates for their upcoming film slate.

Spider-Man • Tue 2009 Feb 24, 4:37pm

Stan Lee's multimedia plans from the '90s have come back to haunt him once again, as shareholders of Stan Lee Media, Inc. on Monday filed suit against Lee, his wife, Marvel Comics, Marvel Chairman Issac Perlmutter, and former head of Marvel Studios Avi Arad for over $750 million — one half the proceeds from Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man. The suit claims that Permutter, Lee, Arad and Marvel denied the shareholders of Stan Lee Media to their rights in the ownership of 50% of the characters and properties created by Lee, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man and dozens of others. The shareholders claim that Lee transferred all of his interest in the characters he created for Marvel to Stan Lee Media in 1998.

Watchmen Smiley • Mon 2009 Feb 23, 10:42pm

1977 public service film from the House Committee on Un-American Activities informing the country of the Keene Act - a law passed to eliminate the costumed menace and to put an end to masked vigilantism.