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But is it Art?

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Kris, Ace of Spades • Sat 2018 Aug 11, 12:56pm

…The Parthenon is the single most influential building in Western history, if not world history. As simple as it looks, it is a really complex piece of architecture. Just the art historical concepts alone could fill an entire class lecture. A great introductory video is NOVA's "Secrets of the Parthenon".

Kate Brown, ArtNet News • Wed 2017 Nov 15, 3:51pm

A Very Fancy Grasshopper Was Found in the Paint of a Van Gogh Masterpiece
The discovery of the critter is a by-product of significant research underway at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.…

Only the finest natural ingredients.
Christopher Hooton, Independent (UK) • Thu 2016 May 26, 7:56pm

Several visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this week were fooled into thinking a pair of glasses set on the floor by a 17-year-old prankster was a postmodern masterpiece.…

Okla Flag
M.DeLaTorre, KFOR • Sat 2015 Feb 21, 9:42pm

The large brick wall outside 108 Contemporary’s Gallery in downtown Tulsa will soon get a whole new cover made entirely out of yarn.

Groups of knitters across the state are teaming up for a massive art project called “The Unbearable Absence of Landscapes.”

Watchmen smiley
Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool • Fri 2012 May 18, 9:25am
Dynamic Forces is to produce toasters featuring Warner Bros imagery, including the likes of Watchmen… [photo: Rorschach mask toast] • Tue 2009 Jun 16, 10:18pm

British sculptor Willard Wigan creates micro-sculptures that fit in the eye of a needle. • Tue 2009 Jun 16, 2:05pm

Posters depicting the symbolic genitals of 100 artists have been deemed unsuitable by the Venice Biennale authorities. • Wed 2009 May 27, 7:02pm

A graffiti vandal who was convicted last year, after his work was posted on YouTube, was charged Tuesday with five new felony vandalism charges. Authorities allege that Cyrus Yazdani, 25, caused more than $14,000 in damage between last Dec. 22 and March 31 on the 7th Street and Cesar Chavez bridges and in the 4200 block of South Broadway.