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@SJPFISH, Twitter • Tue 2020 Sep 1, 3:40pm

Wait one second!

Those aren’t Dolphins 🐬 following my boat!

Twitter video, 0:40
Terry Turner, Good News Network • Fri 2016 Jun 17, 2:53pm

A tourist driving through Alberta performed a make-shift C-section to deliver a fawn, after its mother was struck by a car.…

Oleksiy Mishchenko, YouTube • Mon 2016 Mar 7, 8:25pm

…Suddenly, I spotted a white ostrich on my left, then this beast jumped on the road from the right and started chasing my friends! It was a little scary at first, but then I thought I gonna fell of my bike from laughter. The ostrich didn't have any problem to keep up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat.…

The ostrich just got into it. Video: 1:19
NewsOn6 • Wed 2015 Dec 16, 5:56pm

…an officer responding to a Tulsa shooting scene hit a deer with his SUV.… officer swerved to miss the eight-point buck but still struck it. The collision killed the deer. … officer was not injured…

Sean Doogan, Alaska Dispatch • Fri 2015 Oct 2, 12:28pm

Video: Woman thanks Alaska bear for not eating kayak; bear promptly eats kayak

NewsOK • Thu 2015 Oct 1, 5:07pm

…A Garvin County sheriff deputy's vehicle was nearly swallowed by a swarm of bees from an overturned rig Tuesday afternoon. Deputy Carl Zink suffered only one bee sting during the incident…

Amazing photo
Cat Excited
TVNZ • Tue 2015 Jun 23, 6:33pm

Two people in an open-cockpit glider were surprised when they noticed a four-legged friend had joined their trip.

Jason Howerton, the Blaze • Sun 2012 Oct 14, 6:33pm

“My frustration is that, Minnesota and North Dakota Departments of Transportation would allow these deer crossing in such high traffic areas. I mean, I’ve even seen them on the interstate,” Donna began. “Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate? I don’t get it,” Donna said to two stunned radio hosts. [VIDEO (slideshow/audio)]

CBS Boston • Wed 2012 Oct 3, 3:09pm

When he pulled up to a traffic light in East Providence, another driver told him there was a dog wedged in the front grill of his car. … “It had a concussion from a bang to the head (and) a small rupture in its bladder. It was a very lucky dog,”

CBS Wash DC • Sat 2012 May 12, 4:14pm
Around 3 p.m on May 6, 31-year-old David Christopher Norris was riding his motorcycle on Brown Station Road, near Brooke Lane, in Upper Marlboro when the bird flew directly into his travel path.... • Thu 2009 Jun 11, 10:51pm

New York City plans to trap and kill up to 2,000 Canada Geese this summer in an attempt to avoid the type of collision that caused an airliner to ditch in the Hudson River last winter. The hunt will take place on dozens of city properties located within five miles of Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. Aviation officials have culled the bird flocks on airport property for years, but this will mark a major expansion of the effort into other parts of the city, including about 40 public parks. • Fri 2009 Jun 5, 5:20pm

Busy beavers were on Friday blamed for a train derailment that spilled more than 20,000 liters of diesel fuel into the Ottawa River • Fri 2009 Jun 5, 3:20pm

The dog's owner, an 18-year-old man, rode a bicycle around the crossing arms as the train approached... dog apparently began following its owner and pulled the woman into the train's path... both died... • Fri 2009 May 15, 7:07pm

CLINTON, Maine — Police in Clinton say a 500-pound moose fell 18 feet to its death when it apparently leaped a guardrail on an Interstate 95 overpass and landed on Hinckley Road. Officials learned of the incident when a motorist called the town office shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday and told Assistant Town Clerk Shirley Bailey that "a moose just fell out of the sky." • Thu 2009 Apr 9, 2:24pm

DogDog-crazy Americans will soon be able to buy a pet-friendly car with a cushioned dog bed in the trunk, fitted with a built-in water bowl and fan and a ramp to help less agile dogs climb in. • Mon 2009 Mar 16, 9:11pm

BUCKFIELD - A Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride to shake off winter's cabin fever took a serious turn for a Hartford rider after he was knocked off his bike by a wild turkey. ... flew directly into his chest ... "That's like hitting a bowling ball at 45 miles per hour," said Trooper Corey Huckins of the Maine State Police. • Wed 2009 Mar 4, 5:53pm

SnakeA couple drove 170 kilometres (100 miles) from South Africa's famous Kruger National Park with a highly venomous spitting cobra in their car ... Gordon Parratt, 69, felt the 85-centimetre (33-inch) long snake wind itself around his leg while he was driving. At first he thought an insect had brushed his leg and swiped it away, but when he looked down he saw the snake next to his left foot.... "Fortunately I'm not the panicky type. My wife immediately put her feet up on the dashboard...."