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Poster Formerly Known as Mr. Barky: Looking for your recommendations for decent cook-books for gluten free diets....

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Bob: "My options were to a) die or b) learn not to care. Easy choice."

Sadly, some might see that and wonder which was the easy choice!

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What Vic mentioned at #29

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"Lipton tea and grape nuts...breakfast of champions."

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Doug Powers at • Tue 2011 Feb 8, 8:43am

"Scarf it down, scarf it down, 'waaaaay down..."

We all know Michelle Obama's not going to preach that we have a national obesity crisis and then let the White House family and guests dine on anything but alfalfa sprouts and carrot sticks, right? Riiight....

The Obamas should be trusted to know what’s best for their kids and to define “moderation” on their own terms without outside interference and free from accusations of hypocrisy — provided the rest of us are receiving the same considerations in return and not under threat of being chased down by food cops clutching BMI calipers or with restaurants being told what to serve because we’re too stupid to order properly. But that’s not happening.

One more thing — not to nitpick, but the environmentally-conscious White House also violated a basic tenet found in “‘green’ your Super Bowl party” rules & regs by serving beers that weren’t brewed locally....

And when you've scarfed that down, check out the pictures of all the heatlhy eating habits the Obamas demonstrate on this HillBuzz page.

This White House has a very “do as we dictate, not as we do” mentality that permeates everything.

Visually, that hypocrisy is never more digestible, on a gut level, than when people see the Obamas chowing down on things they would deny others.

There's more Obamalama-ding-dong diet tips on this HillBuzz page