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The Untied States of America hilarity continues

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Subjects: law, subjective value

Value systems. Yours, mine, probably include bits like "don't take what's not yours." Some folks' "values" are … not like ours.

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Subjects: subjective value, morality

Exactly, Pete, it is entirely about "anti-family,anti-Christian values." Reality is just so obstinate about persisting, but the Regressives are sure they can think and wish (hope

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Subjects: subjective value, Spirit of Truth

“Sometimes Pragmatism Trumps Principle”?

Didn’t actually click through, so, I’m replying just based on that one sentence, but I have to ask:

Then what value is principle?

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Subjects: subjective value

Hello, bookies. Just passing through, to drop off a book-lover's horror story reading recommendation, Purp's comment from the ONT about valuable old books & iggerent relations.

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Subjects: literature, subjective value
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Another mysterious property of grass.