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Oh, yeah, and drinking from a garden hose/ hose pipe? Of course no kids would do that today. Those hoses are made with materials known to be carcinogenic in California, after all.

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Subjects: California, childhood memories

#233 quoteback of whole thread is still up. There's definitely no one in charge tonight.

(* hauls out bong and passes it around with vote for Johnson bumper stickers * * as a joke! *)

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Subjects: California, Oklahoma

This Overnight Open Thread contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm...

It wouldn't be an ONT if it didn't.

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Subjects: California, cancer, threads

"'re probably going to be happier and more secure in Oklahoma City than in San Jose."

For lots of reasons!

Sweet dreams, Hordesters!

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Subjects: California, Oklahoma

Brendan: ...wish there were alternative earth dimensions. Liberals could take one, conservatives another, and see who did better.

California. Texas.

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Subjects: California, dimensions, Texas

LDC: California ...lesser punishment for low-level offenders would enhance public safety....

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Subjects: California, Progressives Playbook

Vic: "...My question is how will they make sure that these 16 year olds do not vote in the federal elections? Are they giving out two ballots?..."

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Subjects: California, citizenship, Tenth Amendment, United States of America

♬ OOOOOooooklahoma, ♫
where the wind comes right behind the rain
and the waving EARTH
creates.. um.. such .. mirth ..

wait, whut?

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Subjects: California, earthquake, Oklahoma, Texas

"Buildings collapsing and debris and chaos and fire all around me. It was the single most terrifying day of my life. Needless to say, I will never ever go back to SF."

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Subjects: California, earthquake, Murphy's Law

I read down to "It's not like anyone reads this part of the ONT, anyway." So I quit.

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Subjects: AoSHQ, California, earthquake, Oklahoma

I may just write a check for a double-wide somewhere in Arkansas and pack it up

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Subjects: Arkansas, California, Oklahoma