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Far-Left Gay Columnist Dan Savage: "Abortion Should Be Mandatory"

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Subjects: abortion, activism, Christ, God, Judas Iscariot

How best to go beyond preaching to the choir and evangelize the truth to the unwashed (or brainwashed) masses?

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Subjects: Election 2012, Sarah Palin, good and evil, NewtLove, activism
Radical Incline

We have a challenge greater than any faced in the 20th Century.

Text added on 2011 May 1
Subjects: John W Tyler, Republicans, Henry Bellmon, activism, democracy
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Buzzing bees
Radical Incline

Gay Chicago Hillary Clinton-supporter starts the best conservative-activist (and Palin-for-President) site?

Text added on 2011 Feb 5
Subjects: politics, activism
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