You guys are good at this

You guys are good at this! —FenelonSpoke


"Sometimes I get off a good one
Least I think I do.
No, I know I do.
Shouldn't be thinkin' at all"
—Randy Newman

Sometimes I'm good for a round or two of repartee, but tend to fold in extended clinches. Especially now that I'm out of coffee.

Seriously, Seamus is inspiring. I'm not so original but I can ape.

Reminds me of a lifetime ago, sitting on the steps at school with genius (literally) friend Kirk (hi, Kirk!) and he made some pun and I got off a good pun in reply, then he bounced off that, and as we traded puns, I realized my mind felt like it had been kicked into high gear; I was kind-of amazed slow-witted me could keep up. I think Dana or Laura or someone was also in on that at first, and made a remark much like yours.

((wansers off into high school memories......))