Webworker Not for Senate

I have no public service experience. I am a repeatedly-proven failure in the private sector as well. I have no college degree or any particular significant skills. My finances make the Federal budget look balanced. I hold eclectic positions that make me a party of one, unacceptable to left, right, or any other dimension. I'm unpersonable, easily confused, and a poor public speaker. Someone here once said, I don't just have skeletons in my closet; my closet is made of skeletons! Yeah, mine too.

DESPITE these qualifications, I would like to announce that I am not running for Dr. Coburn's Senate seat. If nominated, I will not run, although I might go around kissing babies and eating at buffets anyway; and if elected, I will not serve, although I'd at least go to Washington DC for a few days, because I've never been.