Waves of April Madness

Along with the physical weather damage there's been waves of what I've come to call "April madness," a seeming spike in random beat-downs, suicides, family murders, etc. If weather — especially dramatic changes — seriously affect moods, for whatever reasons, well, April is major weather change month.That storm that blew through earlier this month, with tornadoes killing dozens? Before, during, and for a while after, emotions raged around our house. Afterward, in recovery, we realized we felt like we'd been drugged, poisoned. Try to remember your (or someone else's) foul mood could be an uncontrollable reaction related to weather. The mood alteration begins well before the actual storm breaks, just as the barometer changes. Watch the barometer, get plenty of rest, take your B vitamins, watch Marx Bros movies, and wait out the storms. (Excerpted from article I put on my website, which started as a comment for this page, then grew out of control as my words often do. Mindful Webworks: Ill Winds of April if you want to see the whole thing.)