Old And New Ghostbusters


How to Talk About the New Ghostbusters Movie...

Recently watched Ghostbusters again. Still great. Not Blues Brothers great, but great.

So, tonight, in honor of the new gals trailer, we started watching GB2. Unfortunately, we had a bad copy, and only got up to the river of slime. Re-copying, but it'll take a while. Just as well. It's late and we need to go home, not watch the inferior sequel.

Just caught a minute or two of the debate tonight, but it was Ted sounding good and getting applause no less even from the stacked audience. That's all I needed.

They put in the new Schmardt 'Lectric Meter on the office today, without telling us they were going to. By chance, we were late on a payment so they shut us off at the same time.

Which was actually fortunate, because that way we found out they installed the meter wrong, because some parts of the building are still live! Hoping the place doesn't burn up before they get back to (theoretically) fix things tomorrow.

Hoping the place doesn't burn up before then.

I think they send the "B" team to install these things.

With some extension cords and appliance shuffling, we were able to power the computers, the modem and router, and grill some burgers for dinner.

And, presuming this smidgen of usage was off-meter, the price was right. Shh.

Gonna go home, read the post, maybe check back in later. Say hi to me now anyway. Or please clap.