Home Delivery, Dude!

Oklahomans can't buy alcohol on Sunday. We can't buy alcohol after 9PM. We can't buy alcohol except at alcohol-only stores (which don't allow "party goods," like, say, a corkscrew). We can't buy cold beer. At grocers, there is weak beer available cold, for the desperate and the unsuspecting out-of-staters. For all of this, you must go to the stores, show your ID, and you sure as heaven better be sober when you get there.

I can see a great market for deliveries of cold regular beer (to say the least). After all, we don't want those alcohol-consumers out driving around thirsty, right? Home delivery of booze, for the ecology and for the childrens!

No, no, we can't have that. For legal alcohol. But pot — still technically a felony violation if you don't pay that prohibitive Fed sales tax, like, $10,000 an ounce or something, and still a Schedule 1 drug like heroin (as far as I know) — home delivery, dude!

Because, medical. Dude.