Happy All Saints' Day

their self-esteem greatly outpaced their level of competency.... -Ace

Still incomplete. The missing component is the understanding that Government, like a sledgehammer, is almost always the wrong answer to any given problem. -weft cut-loop

You're both right (slapping both on shoulders) - ha hah! And still incomplete. (mounts soapbox)

Civilization developed knowledge and reason, a Golden Rule, and the ideal of Self-Government. I'd add, a common 'faith' of mutual religious tolerance.

Progressivism is an ironically inverted misnomer, like all their projections and deceptions.

Everything "Progressive" actually regresses to those swamps of savage ignorance, superstition, immorality, and tyranny, and, of course, religion of the Elite, from which (some of) human society has barely emerged.

(back-flips off soapbox)