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Window Touchscreens

Further cocooning ourselves, or liberating? Discuss.
Some Rudimentary Examples
(and some silly)
Found this video after the above Doodle was completed.
"Not the real thing, but an amazing simulation!"
Compare the bottom-left panel in the Doodle
with what's shown at about 2:04 in the video:

Image Sources

Simple Windshield HUD:
Alan Templeton's Web Site
My Red Corvette

Complicated Windshield HUD:
Cool Infographics
Car HUD from the future

Metadata display:
Designing for Humans
Physical Interaction & The Future of User Interface Design

(Lots to check out on this site.)

3D Gesture Interface:
3D gesture-sensing dock

Google local search:

Inside car window:
Mother Jones

St. Michael's Alley (Tulsa):

St. Michael's Alley (Palo Alto, CA) menu:


Royalty Free Stock Image:
Graffiti and urban blight in New York City:

BMW's i8 Hybrid-Electric Sports Car:

Traffic Moving Away:
David Pakman's Blog
Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

Traffic moving toward: