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Man Hours

Man Hours
When we could be texting!

Image Sources
I failed to note all of the many sources.
Some signs taken from streetsign sales sites.

Massive Multi-Lane Superhighway:
Optimum Transportation System Blog
"for anyone who believes the existing systems
do not fully provide what is needed
and would like to take part in developing a new system
without hidden agendas."
First line of proposal:
"An automated lane on an interstate highway
would go a long way to solve
the worlds transportation problems"

Crowded highway:
Travel safety tips for tourists this holiday

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Can't get there from here stopsign:
Daily Snacks
Humourous Joys, Jolly and Jokes

Multiple directional signs:
Trader Trent blog
Trader Trent - Stock market trading and education.

One way dead end:
Educating Instead of Medicating

Good Luck:
Just LOL blog

Confusing signs:
America's 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs

Do Not Read,
Montreal 3-way:
English All Over the Place blog
A language-learning blog

Traffic Light Tree:
Real Cycling blog
Confusing signs and mixed signals

Edenlandia - directional signs:
Rob and Debbie in Italy blog

Right Lane Must Right Left:
Funny Wall

Wrong Way:
Long Islanders: 7 confusing spots for drivers

Parking Meters:
D.C. to fix confusing parking signs