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Misguided Projections

Misguided Projections
But everybody could be a little bit right! Right?

Image Sources:

Old flying car:
Below the Fold
Beware the Flying Cars of Progress (Redux)

Green Sphere Car:
Dark Roasted Blend (Check it out!)
Adorable Micro Cars, Part 3

Hitachi Ropits:
This Tiny Car Drives Itself

John Wayne:
Aha Wallpaper

Nelson Muntz:
Simpsons Wiki

Google Self-Driving Car:

Jet Pack:
All Things D

Disneyland Monorail:
Fatal Disney World Monorail Crash


Bullet Train:
DLR Aerospace Center
Researching the train of the future

ULTra rail:
ULTra Brings Public Transport of the Future to Heathrow

Pedal Monorail:
Trends Updates
Google Invests $1 Million in Shweeb’s
Bike-Powered Monorail Transportation System - Trends Updates

("Dweeb" is apparently mis-spelled.)
See also Mindful's Transport Future page:
A Pedal-Powered Monorail

Hot Wheels:
Hot Wheel Racetracks

Jetsons ©H-B:
Driverless Cars
Driverless cars for the next decades in 4 steps

step 0: today’s self parking feature and Google cars
step 1: partially autonomous driverless cars
step 2: everyone can operate a driverless car
step 3: shared driverless cars
[Ummmmmmm.... about step 4... and 0 and 1...]

Moving Sidewalks:

Old B&W moving "slidewalk":
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Fast Moving Sidewalks

Crystal Ball Gazer:
Initiative for a Competitive Inner City
Top 5 Inner City Small Business Predictions for 2012