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Ask Professor Future

Ask Professor Future
And buggy whip manufacturers! We need subsidies!

Image Sources

The part of Professor Future
was played by Guru Radd Dadd,
wearing the mask of
Michael Rennie from Day the Earth Stood Still

Catherine Saucedo
Just Another Power Journalism Blog
Jay Rosen: "The Journalists Formerly Known as the Media"

Monty Python Reporters:
My Confined Space

Cannes Reporters:
Murgie on GL1800Riders

Sky Tran:

China Superbus:
China plans 'super bus' to ease traffic jams

Autonomous Auto:
Autonomous + Automobile = Autonomobile: Driverless Car

(since "automobiles" aren't really "auto" at all)

Roller Skater:
Chicago Skates at

Tea Party Protesters:

Wall Street Protesters:
Wash.Post blog The Fix

NYC Taxi Medallion:

Oil Co Logos:
Petroleum & Gasoline Industry

Hard Hat Girl:
(not sure where - some commenter's link maybe?)

Construction workers protest:
Socialist Worker (UK)

Tower Crane:
Srsly you guys!

Atlantic Valet

Teamsters rally:

TeamstersNation blog