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Dialup Destinations

Dialup Destinations

Image Sources

Capt Kirk with communicator:
Raso on TV Tropes

Samsung Galaxy S4 Girls:

Sergey Brin in Google Glasses:
NY Daily News

Picard as Locutus:

Jess Dixon in his Flying Automobile:
Greater Greater Washington
How will self-driving cars change transportation?

Family on automated highway:
grottu on Daydreaming Cities
Automated private transportation can completely
reduce automobile related accidents/deaths…

Romney's Garage:
Auto Erotica: 10 Incredible Parking Garage Designs

Car Ferry
A Radical Public Transportation Solution Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Novel

Shopping Trolly:
Free Patents Online
Balanced small basket shopping cart
United States Patent D472026

Woman Shopping:
Food System History
Making the Modern American Food System
An online food exhibit

FedEx Truck

House Beautiful

Beauty Salon Hairdryers:
Vintage Folly
A trip to the salon circa 1950

Le Grand Cirque

Hot Pads

Kitchen Robot (top):
Top News
Now, robots that can help in kitchen work
and take care of elderly people

Kitchen Robot (base):
Kitchen Robots Make Sandwiches