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The Art of

Lost love, hard times, faith, insecurity, and spiritual regeneration

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Turn Away
1979 Christmastime
Loves Lost & Found

Harder Times Again
Early 1976
Short & Tall Tales

Outside Looking In (Part 1)
1979 Jun 7
Best of Spirits

1979 Jul 17
Best of Spirits


Recorded 2016 Oct 3
at Margaret B's B&B, Tulsa.

All lyrics, tunes, and visuals by &
© Mindful Webworker
except in "Genesis," as noted below

Wardrobe assist and moral support:
MJ Clark II

Media sources, gratefully acknowledged:

The Big Bang theory.
Dark Matter and the Expanding Universe.
Origin of the universe.

Camilo Zabala

What is the Universe Expanding Into?
Deep Astronomy

1200 Mics - Shiva's India
Ga rag

Maya The Illusion Instrumental -- Rahul Sharma
Chillout Lounge

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
Part 4 - Beyond Thinking


There Is No Spoon
The Matrix (5/9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD


Man in black - ending HD
Остап Бендер

Doctor Strange
Movie Trailer # 3 (2016)

Fresh Movie Trailers

Baby in Manger

Worlds of Light and Life
"Havona" by Gary Tonge

Council in Heaven

Hands Unto Infinity

Jesus Hugs images:

Best of Spirits

No matter what you do, no matter where I am

C                Bb
It isn't easy to settle down
         Ab                 Bb    C
When you see that there's a party going on
C                           Bb
Feel like you're stuck in a little town
       Ab         Bb                   C
When tomorrow the whole world could be gone


   Bb                         C
No matter what I do I get the feeling
   Bb                          C
No matter what you do I got my doubt
No matter where I am I'm on the
Ab      Bb      C
outside looking in
C                Bb
It isn't easy to contemplate
            Ab                Bb              C
When you're used to runnilng 'round and being free
C                             Bb
And even though I know you're really great
           Ab        Bb          C
There's so many fine fish in the sea
C                Bb
It isn't easy to purify
          Ab             Bb       C
When your life is just a terrible bore
C                  Bb
I'm not so easy to satisfy
  Ab                Bb       C
I ask you, is there anything more?
C                Bb
It isn't easy to close your eyes
            Ab           Bb              C
When you're gonna go for that instead of this
C                Bb
It isn't easy to do your thing
         Ab               Bb                  C
When you think of all the things you're gonna miss
C                Bb
It isn't easy to do it all
   Ab            Bb             C
It wouldn't even help if I were cloned
C                    Bb
It isn't easy laying down your pipe
     Ab        Bb               C
When everybody wants to get you stoned
C                Bb
It isn't easy to give up booze
Ab           Bb               C
Even when it starts to do you harm
C                       Bb
When the city's waiting up the road,
       Ab             Bb               C
How ya gonna keep yourself down on the farm?
C                Bb
It isn't easy to not eat pork
         Ab              Bb            C
When you smell the bacon frying in the pan
C                          Bb
And even though you know I love New York New York
    Ab           Bb       C
I'm basically an Oklahoma man

Repeat first verse

The Art of

Six more original songs of love, faith, fear, and fun

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Making Believe
1984 Feb
Short & Tall Tales

The Resistance of the Camel--The Afternoon
1979 May 3
Loves Lost and Found

(Gonna Visit) Mary and Joseph
1979 Jun 7

Head Shop Songs

(I'm Having Those) Nightmares Again
1987 Jun 24
Loves Lost and Found

Short & Tall Tales


Recorded 2016 Sep 25
at, Bartlesville.

All lyrics, tunes, and visuals by &
© Mindful Webworker
except "Close Encounters" 5-note riff

Wardrobe assist and
additional camera work:
MJ Clark II

Edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector


Art sources, gratefully acknowledged:

from DaVinci's Last Supper
c/o Faith, Hope, Belief, Prayers, Miracles
Who are the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ?

Joseph & Mary
from Birth of Christ by Lorenzo Costa (1490)
c/o BibleTopTen

Short & Tall Tales

Battling the urge to run the red

     A                   G
This light just takes forever
    D             A
and never seems to change
A                          G
I've been sitting here for weeks
    D                    A
And don't you think it's strange

      A                       G
Since I got here the snow has gone
    D                       A
and now there's fresh green grass
A                     G
I've been here so long three times
     D          A
I've had to go for gas
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #8, 2016 Sep 30

Love's Lost and Found

Abandonment anxiety and devotion

B                           G#m
Why are you so brutal in my dreams?
    C#m                             A
You treat me like we've hardly even met!
B                         G#m
Is there something really wrong with us
   C#m                           A
or am I so afraid that you'll forget?
B                   G#m
Is there a basis in reality
   C#m                          A
or is it just the product of my fears?
B                            G#m
Am I so afraid that you will turn on me
      C#m                     A
after we've been together for so many years?
B                       G#m
Would you really simply turn away
   C#m                        A
if things don't go just as we planned?
B                        G#m
Are we together from the grace of love
      C#m                 A
or to satisfy some animal demand?
    B                        G#m
I'm having those nightmares again.
     C#m                         A
I suppose it should come as no surprise;
   B                              G#m
as you become more precious to me it's no wonder
         C#m                                A
I should fear you're really someone I won't recognize
B                            G#m
Taught to have faith in God alone.
        C#m                         A
There's no one else on whom I can depend.
    B                            G#m
But isn't this the Spirit in our love?
    C#m                               A
And aren't we sworn together 'til the end
of the endless dream?
I make this my prayer:
I will be for you
and always there
through the endless dream.
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #8, 2016 Sep 30