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Radical Incline

Because 'Klobuchar/Abrams' wouldn't fit

If only I had published this when I first came up with it. Alas, now it's too late.

The Art of

First of the month fun and features

One year ago was the first "First of the Month" post. I've now come full-circle 'round the sun. Re-posting last year's, with some updates and improvements. (Although a year ago I wasn't cross-posting from Other People's Stuff.)
Happy New Month!
December Month of

New editorial 2019:
December the Tenth Month?

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec; Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten. Which made no sense after they added two months… at the beginning. They couldn't have added them at the end? Guess they didn't want to have Eleventober and Twelvthember. Still, if January were the eleventh month, swiftly-passing little February would be the last month. Then March 1 would be New Year's Day again. That might be a nice change. (Sure, it sounds simple at first, but in implementation, this could get more confusing than Daylight Saving Time!)
The Zoodiac signs
for the month of December are
Sohilarious (until December 21)
Zodiac: Sohilarious
Catchacold (December 22 onwards).
Zodiac: Catchacold

Click here to see the complete set of Zoodiac signs.


December has the solstice, when daylight begins to grow and hope is renewed at last, at least in my hemisphere. Your hemisphere may vary.

2019: Christmas on Wednesday this year. Strangely enough, New Year's Eve is exactly one week later. So, with two mid-week holidays, expect the holiday world to be useless from 5pm Friday Dec 21 through 9am Monday Jan 6. Perhaps useless is too strong a term. Of limited productivity, then.

This is from, 2017:

Christmas Cheesecake
Christmas Cheesecake
Repeating this warning from 2018:
Note to websearchers: If you image-search on the term "December," be sure to have your safe-search setting to "Safe," unless you want to see multiple images of "Miss December."
Followed my own advice on this when searching this year for "December Girl 2019." Mostly came up with "December Girl" t-shirts and mugs and merch. Should've guessed it'd be a thing. So I kept this gal.
Winter Girl
Then I ran across this classic Varga work, so I couldn't resist including it, too.
December is a lovely month
when cynics stop and pause
And after they have looked at me
Believe in Santy Claus!

Radical Incline

Horsefeathers and Balderdash

Joe Biden Pure Malarkey Bus
click for bigger pic

Bonus pic - Joe Bitin'
Biden 2020
Comment I left at Dianny's Patriot Retort:
mindful webworker
December 3, 2019 at 10:12 am Permalink

I swear to you, Dianny, I didn’t steal your idea when I p’shop tagged Joe’s bus. (Link in my name.) Mine was published first. At least, before I saw this post. Just a case of great minds (and mine, too) thinking alike on a pretty obvious idea. You said ‘All.’ I said ‘Pure.’

On the small line on the bottom of the bus, you said “rides,” I said “starts.” Again, think-alike, not swiping. Out of professional (well, sorta) curiosity, I have to ask: I tediously modified existing letters to spell out “starts.” Did you just type new text?

BUT! I also didn’t think I’d read your article before I sub-headed my page “Horsefeathers and Balderdash.” I had seen a long list of “malarkey” synonyms, and as a kinda country person, horsefeathers jumped out at me. “Balderdash” came to mind as preferable to “bull$#!+.” Then after I post my page, I come back and see your (previous) article had used those two words in that order. So, maybe I had read yesterday’s article and subconsciously plundered it, but I didn’t think so. No malarkey!

Radical Incline

Meme Wars? Still not tired of winning!