Three Cool Cats

Those three blind mice better watch out!

As commented on Ace of Spades Saturday Pet Thread, Sep 19, 2020

I've been threatening to send pix of our cats for so long! Finally got around to it, but only after picking up two new cats!!
Photos credit: Milady Webworker.

Pic #1:

Three cats, Charlie the yellow, Ony the black, and Spirit the gray

Charlie, Ony, and Spirit are our three long-time housecats, about whom I've often told stories on the Pet Thread. I've told their "how we got them" stories in the past, but I will spare you today. They enjoy the comforts of a big rural yard and lots of cushy inside places. Working cats, as I often say, keeping the vermin down, and alerting us when some critter gets in the house that they won't eat.

Pic #2:

Two tiny new kittens

On Saturday before Labor Day, Milady and I made a rare trip to our in-town "office," to pick up some things. As "fortuitous coincidence" would have it, we found a family, heading through town, stopped for a minute in our parking lot; their two young boys were trying to catch the two tiny kittens who had come up to them. We joined in the ensuing comic chase scene (worthy of the great Duck artist Don Rosa).

Guess who ended up with the kits. Hint: not that traveling family.

Not sure what will become of them. Today (day after Labor Day) we have to decide. Our three cats were very rude to them, and we aren't really in a position to take on two new kittens. Daughter and Son-in-Law took them for a night while we were out of town, which became two nights (heh! so far). Their dog really took to them. As did Daughter & SiL.

To be continued. - mindful webworker

That two-headed cat is super cool, btw.
MH: "Has your household increased to 5 cats? All beautiful creatures."

Not our house. Our three old pheline pharts aren't taking new applicants. No whippersnappers in the retirement home.

So, the two kittens are still with Daughter & SiL. Kits have been accepted by the two young frisky dogs, the half-blind old cat, and especially the hoomans. Bonded, y'might say.

The usually-wilder of the two dogs gently plays with and guards the kittens like they're her own babies, nuzzling their bellies and interrupting them if they roughhouse too strongly with each other.

Furthermore, in totally new behavior, that dog now rests a paw (petting) on the old cat as she does the kits. And old cat even seems to appreciate it.

Is there anything kitten therapy can't do!?!

That picture of the kittens with the pair of hands that have seen some living... beautiful.