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Lauren: Because I don't know how to do the youtube short link...

Well, underneath any YouTube video there's a "share" button which shows you the youtu.be short link, so it's reeeally complicated. ; )

...and...it doesn't matter?

I generally don't click some link knowing it's YouTube. As a rule I just download vids to avoid actually going to their pages. because then Google Spyware logs what they think I see. But (a) that's just me and (2) someone said on this topic this morning, "I was told there'd be no learning on this blog," so, never mind maybe.

Why? Because it's a really good video that takes the actual words from an abortionist in a way that is attention grabbing, thus highlighting what was actually said.

I had meant to say, what's my incentive, other than that it's from Lauren!! Don't know how that got lost.

And I did gather from subsequent comments what it was - my usual, if not always reliable, method of wait-and-see if it's something I'd want to watch.

And, despite your recommendation, it really isn't. At least, tonight. I've already had my fill of ugly for the day. Maybe tomorrow in the light of day.