Uplifting personal moral behavior

Had a mo to check back in. S'pose this thraid b daid, but anyway...

"You mischaracterize the nature of the problem, and therefore your subsequent understanding is flawed."

Really? That broad charge doesn't specify what that is supposed to mean. Heh. Reminds me of spam I was deleting just today, tonally inverted from "I agree with this post and want to subscribe to your newsletter," but similarly inspecific content. "You're wrong and your s#!+'s all f'd up" is not persuasive.


Uplifting personal moral behavior is simply outside the purview of good government. Big Nanny is not an appropriate substitute for spiritual, community, and familial influence. Cops should be the absolute last resort, when the drinker turns threatening, not the front line because some Carrie Nation has a delusion of righteousness about beer.

Mmmmm.... mind-altering beeeeerrrr....

Here come de Judges... Here come de Judges...

Think of the children...!