The Storm Line is Just Coming Upon Us

Got home a little earlier than usual (although not as early as I'd like to be our habit), to make sure the cats were able to come inside: The storm line that stretches from St Louis to Amarillo is just coming upon us. Lightning, still too far away to be heard, flashes in the West. The wind has picked up, and wafts through the oaks, sounding like light surf. And it's cooling off, which is welcome.

A day of frustrations, near-escapes, and delays, mostly involving computers. I have to say, shopping for electronics, there's no point in going to Staples or Wal-Mart anymore. What we needed wasn't even on the shelves. Ordered through Amazon Prime, to be delivered on Sunday (via the PO Box, so, Monday morning) at no shipping charge.

So, have I missed anything worth noting in almost 400 comments? Surely there's a gem or two in there amongst the poop jokes and boob pics?