The Real CNBC Republican Debate

Wow. It's taken me almost an hour to catch up to my own first comment? A meaty morning thread, with lots of click-away reading.

Before we get art-willowed, here's a few YouTube Reviews. I watch a lot of stuff so you don't have to.

Louder With (Steven) Crowder:
The Real CNBC Republican Debate

Crowder has his good stuff and his mediocre stuff. Lately, IMO, mostly mediocre.

This video is animated in "Clutch Cargo" style, something Crowder has done several times lately. Amusing in its own right, for being so disturbing.

This has its moments. Doesn't really take a full swing at the moderators, not much pro or con the candidates. Just kind of juvenile mockery like old Mad Magazine might've done. So, enjoyable enough, if you go into it with lowered expectations.