Suddenly My Ears Were Burning

OregonMuse #108: ...And speaking of long, weird stories, whatever happened to "mindful webworker"? Did he get banned, or just disappear?

There I was, lounging in bed, thinking I really ought to get up and feed the pets, when suddenly my ears were burning - as if someone, somewhere, was talking about me. Spooky, eh?

Not banned. Just been busy. Among other sorta-real-life activities, doing a weekly video turned out to be much more time-consuming that I anticipated.

Not-quite-bookish Hallowe'en note:

I did an old shaggy Gothic horror comic called The Beast with Four Heads which I "motion-ized" (not quite animated) in the latest video episode, "Party Time."

If you don't want to sit through the rest of it, you can skip to about 10:45 in the video.

At my site:

On YouTube if you must:

The original comic if you prefer (digital) print form:

Is that long and weird enough for you, OM?