Shelter from the Storm

Vic: "I have heard that the strata in OK has a hard stone layer you have to blast through to dig a storm shelter so they are very expensive."

Well, some places. Not others. The lastest thing is above-ground, usually retrofitted in-home shelter rooms. They work.

It's always amazed me humanity builds so poorly. Stick houses in tornado country; flimsy buildings in earthquake areas; beach houses on sticks facing hurricanes. California mansions on a mudslide cliff.

I suppose it's playing the odds / avoid the up-front expenses because it's cheaper to rebuild kind of thinking. It does make sort-of sense with tornaodes. Terrible as they are, your odds of being in one are relatively small. Which is real comforting when your belongings are scattered across a couple of square miles.

I live pretty safe from 'naders, in an old concrete house in a bit of a valley, above the flood lines, too. IAC, I'll take my chances against some little ol' Okie whirlwind vs one of those monster hurricane thingys.