Sharing tornado footage

((Blows in without reading anything))

Just watched some tornado footage, thought I'd share.

Early Sunday, we got a sudden but brief blast of, guessing, 40-50mph winds amidst mild storm.

Later in the afternoon, driving East, we could see that what had blown over us had rolled up over Arkansas and Missouri. Giant thunderheads. Always time to pray for our neighbors to the East. And yes, it was deadly.

This is some of the most amazing tornado footage I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. There were moments I thought, it's dying out, or, I'll skip ahead, but watched the whole thing. Real time monster movie.

Forgive the enthusiasm of the folks filming. First, they're Italian or something. Second, adreneline. Third, it is some damn good footage, and I don't think they're unaware it involves a body count and massive tragedy. But, damn! It's like you got better shots of Godzilla than those in the film.

Around here we call this Spring.

Aftermath, where Mayflower, Arkansas "used to be."