Science Contrasted with Religion

Science studies the material universe using our external senses.

Religion studies the spiritual universe using our internal guides.

God being spirit, the study of the material universe - and its attendant psychologies - may constantly demonstrate the Author's hand to those of faith, but nothing in the material universe can confirm the reality of the spiritual life.

Study of the universe of values and relationships also cannot affirm the Author's existence in any externally-demonstrable way, but the individual may find a certain kind of subjective proof, faith.

Science tests without presumption (except for AnthroGlobalCrisisWeather). Science tries to identify and measure things, mostly by refutation. Nothing in the material universe suggests one value is greater than another. Indeed, viewed from the animal perspective, values seem anti-survival in many instances (what good was Jesus dying?). To take the material universe as the Supreme Arbitrar of Reality manages to create the ultimate Golden Calf: the idol-fetish of the entire material creation itself.

Faith begins with presumption. God is, now what? Living religion affirms values. Misguided believers may attempt to proffer doubters some materialistic "proof" that God exists, but there is no inarguable proof other than living with God in faith and seeing how that seems to you. Spiritual life is like "feelings," being internal and subjective, but whereas emotions are reactive and therefore relatively involuntary, the spiritual life is a constant, conscious effort of will and re-evaluation.

There is proof of the personal Creator, in a philosohpical sense. The proof is simple, obvious, and exists in everyone, even as everyone: that we, beings raised from mud, using brains made of meat, can imagine the ideal Source, even love and aspire to be like that Source.

Look into the eyes of another and see oneself, each of us god of one's own universe, created "in our image" to experience being a personality in the universe of personalities. Such is the only clear hint that the universe's Creator is personal, ideal, and loving.

Although some folks will still hold that the proof is that picture of Kate Upton reading a book from the other day.

Morning, Glories.