Problems with any electronic gimcrackery

Smart meters which transmit the data which they used to send guys tramping into my yard to get? Benefits all around! Actually, I like chatting with our meter readers, but we're rural. There are even advantages to people coming 'round, like they sniff the meter for leaks every time. But on the whole, remote reading makes sense.

One big problem with any electronic gimcrackery is that a fail electronically can be more trouble to fix or work around than a mechanical failure. Think car windows under water. A broken mechanical meter, you may only lose count of zots used. A broken electronic meter may cut you off. All In the design. But it won't be optimal.


As long as 'meter' means 'monitor' rather than 'regulate,' no problem, really.

When the smarter thermostats and meters of tomorrow are under Greenazi Central Control, that's a different story.