Predictions for the 2016 Election

Happy New Year, most of you. :D

I made a prediction months ago about the 2016 Presidential election. I'm going to repeat it here, for the record (somewhat modified).

The Republicans will not nominate Trump. They will go with Jeb! (or, if Jeb! continues to be such a loser, Rubio a/k/a Jeb! Lite).

The Democrats won't go with Colonel Bernie Sanders, they'll stick with the Hillary beast (or, if she suffers some debilitating health problem, they'll bring in Biden).

Trump and Sanders will go outside their parties. This will make it a four-way race.

(Finally, regardless of who wins, Obama will declare some kind of emergency, negate the election results, and continue in his neverending term.)

Spectacular catastrophe.

You can take my forecast to Vegas.

Noting, I've never been right in either gambling or predictions.