Pledging Allegiance to That Inspiring Flag

Morning, Glories! I wrote this earlier and held it for the morning thread. There is no morning thread. Of course. I'll just drop this here, then, if that's okay.

This summer is going to just get more interesting every day. As will the next several years. "Fascinating" in the Vulcan sense.

The challenges are great.

The weak will despair and run.

It's not over. The fat lady hasn't even begun to sing; she's still eating. (whut?)

Myself, I've never been too strong, but I've faced whatever I had to.


I'll keep going as long as others join us in pledging allegiance to that inspiring flag and the true Constitutional Democratic Republic of the United States of America for which that symbol stands.

Despite the advances and seeming successes of enemies without and within, those who ally together in patriotic unity are one Nation, still seeking to emulate on earth - as much as humanly possible - the divine ideals of liberty and justice for all.

There was a teacher, long ago, in a tiny corner of the world, who was branded a heretic, was tried in a kangaroo court, beaten, and executed, his followers scattered. By all historic rights, nobody should never have heard of Jesus again. Yet his followers overthrew the ancient world and that same unconquerable spirit continues to fire the hearts of truth-seekers everywhere, millennia later.

Likewise, the Spirit of '76 will not be squelched. The ideals of the Declaration of Independence still inflame the hearts of freedom-loving people the world over, anew in each generation. The ideals of true, free, self-government won't be shoved back in the can, but they must be evangelized. For the generations to come, for Truth itself, we will keep the flame alive, whatever it takes, and we will know Supreme victory!

So, this summer, this Independence Day, we'll be flying the stars and stripes, pondering the greatness of our nation, and probably wolfing down some hot dogs and apple pie. Surrounded by a well-armed and patriotically-minded community of fellow citizens.

Somewhere in the jungles of middle America.