People Grieve Differently

The complaint presumes that the photo was staged, and by implication questions the sincerity of the grief of the widow, even comparing her to those who blew a trumpet when they put a penny in the poor box!

I still think BB's original response regarding people grieving differently was sufficient reply. I've seen this pic around before, with different caption and with none. That it has become meme and acquired captions does cheapen it a bit, perhaps. Says nothing about its authenticity.

It seems a bit intrusive to be a voyeur to such a display of grief, as if we had just come across her in the cemetery. Feels like deep hurt to me. She is not there for the thousandth time, ritually; this is fresh grief, ache of loss far from mitigated by time's passing. Her grief echoes that of the families of all those who this day honors.

My 2¢.