Palin and West Handshake

Man, that picture had me exclaim out loud! What a moment!

Palin & West meet
Commenter wildwood15 wrote, "Allen West… has said some not too encouraging things about Palin. HillBuzz moderator Kathleen replied, asking if she should delete the comment as concern trolling or "Eeyorism."

From wildwood15's reply, I'd say, good call on asking instead of just deleting. I, too, wanted the facts behind the statement, because it would be hard to imagine West saying that about Palin, and I agree with wildwood15's later comment, it seems the article, not West, extended the characterization of "lukewarm" to Palin. West seemed to be speaking of announced candidates.

There's nothing "lukewarm" about the handshake and smiles, that I can see!

wildwood15, and others, as I commented the other day here:

Remember, kids:

Be aware of concern trolls.

Don't become a concern troll.

Don't fall for concern trolls.