Only Because of the Outcry

Didja ever try to find a paragraph or two that you remember reading online, without a clue who wrote it or where you read it? This is why I bookmark too many things in my blog-heap pages, but the one I'm trying to find will so often be one I forgot to bookmark. I was about to give up trying to locate it, when I checked by browser history and saw Hope n' Change and I thought, yeah, that was something Stilton might write. And it was.

…We were aghast at his original decision not to lower flags while offering up rationalizations like "that's only for senior statesmen" or "we don't want to have to decide whether or not to do it every time a service member is killed." But since this dithering represented about the standard degree of assholery from this administration, we were willing to accept it and move on.

But now Obama has ordered the flags to be lowered. Not because it was the right and moral thing to do, but because too many angry members of the public called him out on it. In a rare instance of genuine transparency, it was clear that Obama simply wanted to bury the story as quickly as possible, along with any troubling questions about Islamic radicalism in our nation. …