Octopus of Groupthink Tyranny

"Out before the libertarian flame war and/or tedious back and forth on the War on Drugs gets going...."
Posted by: S. Muldoon



AllenG, slightly edited:

"For libertarianism a free self-governing people to work, we must have a world of complete personal responsibility. You want to do drugs? Fine, do them. When you can't hold a job, can't afford food, and are dying from starvation and exposure- don't come crying to me."

The war is really the octopus of groupthink tyranny vs the right of living under Responsible Liberty; Big Brother/Big Nanny v Free Citizens. Always.

Drugs, gambling, booze, guns, Bibles, income, property, children... tyranny doesn't differentiate.

Cannot ordinary laws which protect us from government and from each other, properly enforced, effectively deal with all criminal trespass without resorting to prohibitionism, that tentacle of socialism? Do we not tolerate someone having a beer, but rightly intervene (as Government) when alcoholism or whatever weakness causes genuine trespass or clear threat? Are we Uncle Sam or Auntie Carrie Nation?

Yes, every socialist program and 'progressive' sentiment mitigates against the simple idea of self-ownership. So, ought we compromise the principle of Liberty to comport with their errors currently corrupting the proper order, or rid ourselves of the whole tyranny, at every level?