My 2¢ for the day on “gay marriage”

My 2¢ for the day on "gay marriage," worth every devalued penny.

Some time back, I heard Eddie Huff on KFAQ, Tulsa, talking about a Black friend of his who said, even if the Republicans were a bunch of racists, he'd vote for them because they're better on defending America. Something like that. I'm often the same way with my Christian Republican spiritual and political kin. I stand nearly indistinguishably with them when contrasted with the Obamanation, but not so close comparing with each other.

It's not easy to think it all through because of how one set of bad laws compounds another. Implementing true liberty gets complicated by socialist systems which even good right-wing folk support. What really makes it a problem to happily issue a work visa to anyone coming over the border is not the liberty to travel but laws like minimum wage and welfare. Prayer in public school is a bogus issue because the church-state conflict does not exist without public school in the first place. (Am I getting too Milton Friedman for you yet?)

So the problem here is the state permission or disallowance of the personal contracts which entail the legal issues of "marriage." The state cannot actually define "marriage" for me or my beliefs! It can enforce legal sanctions against homosexuals entering into civil unions, and worse force folks, landlords, say, to take in a gay couple even over the building owner's moral or religious objections. (Better watch out. I'm about to sound like Rand Paul.)

I'll spare this site my longer arguments and, with uncharacteristic chutzpah, just link to where I, with uncharacteristic temerity, challenged Ann Coulter's June 15 column on gay marriage (and, minorly, drug legalization).

Back upthread, david7134 asked, (much as Coulter complained), "shouldn’t we quit being concerned over minor social issues and start working to preserve our country, wealth, economy and the light bulb?" (Liked the "light" ending on that one, Dave!) As if any issue of human right was minor! While I think david7134 needs to think it through a bit better (the left and right are much further apart than he thinks -- see my first paragraph), he seems on the right track in recognizing the liberty of individuals to contract in a free society.