Liberty and Community

My tl;dr du jour.

The question of what the neighbor kids or relatives are watching or playing that your kids are exposed to is a really tough one. We were pretty restrictive. Glad our kids are grown up. But, they'll have kids soon (I hope), so it'll circle around.

But it points up something that somebody quite a while back said on AoSHQ - I wish I could find it again - what we call individual liberty or rights as we understand them is not really about individuals in isolation. If you believe these things and you want to live this way, but everyone around us thinks differently, is tyrannical, basically, then, you can't live free.

Under seige, we're becoming, or may become, isolated communities, of people who think alike who understand alike, isolated in common defense against the world. Isolated academically, socially, and geographically.

Homeschoolers I know certainly associate with each other with just this intent. These would be Christian people mostly. They have associations which allow their kids to mingle with like minded people. ("Who are my brothers?")

You don't want to become out of contact, but you have to defend yourself against constant, wearying exposure to the regressive society elements. It would be best if the moral and righteous civilization was the predominant one, but if not, gathering in self-defense is necessary to have the civilization you want.


BTW, If you're looking for somewhere, Oklahoma can be very hot and very cold and very, very windy, and now also featuring added slightly-quakey, but it is the most consistently conservatively-voting state in this nation of states. Milady says she always likes to add, home schooling is part of Oklahoma's Constitution. Could always use more defenders here, to counter the assault of them folks on the coasts YKWIM. If you're looking for somewhere.