I've waited years for repeal of beer prohibition

I've waited years for repeal of beer prohibition. There is no justification for such Puritanical nannying. If your behavior shows you can't handle beer, your behavior crosses criminal lines, you are directly responsible, not some other beer drinker.

It has always baffled me that conservatives practically celebrate marijuana use, woven deeply into their culture, despite its proven deleterious effects, yet stand with such 'moral' authoritarian opposition to a soft drug like beer.

Furthermore, where beer is, gradually, finally, being legalized for adult manufacture, sale, and consumption, we still see the Nanny authoritarianism in regulations and taxes, suggesting we may have beer by the State's permission, rather than by God-given liberty.

I'll bet in all the multiverses, there is some parallel world where conservative principles consistently recognize that government has no business in such personal behavioral taboo enforcement. Even for beer.