In no mood to put up with shit

female soldiers of ww2 and bear at a picnic table

the rest is mostly garbage

no offense, Maet, great work, as almost always

I'm just in no mood to put up with shit

perverse propagandists, lunatic fringers, I set up my life to avoid this shit, so excuse me if, just tonight I don't read all about all the crap. As if, just for tonight, it didn't matter. enough.

I had a day. I burned some brush. We got some rain. I figured out some long-annoying JavaScript. Hate hustlers and other tyrants can kma.

Milady informs that home state has med pot and grow / export for profit (!!!) pot initiatives proposed. Yeah, like marvel superdupers on the big screen, fifty years overdue. just give me the leave me the fkuc alone initiative. I'll vote for that.

f tyranny
f big nanny and big brother
f commies and Nazis and do-gooders alike
fuck the fucking language police!

I'll sleep better, now, anyway.

God help us. I mean, really, God? Help us!

Sweet dreams, gang.